Situational funny

I rock so much that I bleed granite

– Mike Metcalfe


When’s the next Millennium?
>Ummmm 100 years?? or, later this year…

– Vendor and >myself re: the library system and it’s next update

Child 1 “Dinosaurs aren’t meant to be happy, they’re meant to be mean and angry”

Child 2 “But it doesn’t matter because it’s *fiction* “

– Children debating in class with Child 2 speaking matter-of-factly


Kia ora thewhaanga!
Now you know how to greet people in Māori

– Flickr


@libsmatter live blogging on the floor at edaust09 by catspyjamasnz

Can you plug me in?
>Sure. Love to.

– Kathryn Greenhill and >myself at Educause conference 2009 twittering sessions on our laptops, first time for me


You’re not here to make other people feel comfortable

– A friend with some supportive advice for me


*whispering* What’s a mare?

*whispering reply* > I think it’s someone who runs a town

– clueless people listening to a conversation about horses and mares


Verbal sparring

– Anon. re: when two colleagues disagree they engage in what


I’ll do a cyber-dance for you when you are done!

– Seonaid re: my assignment deadline in 15mins


Wordpress USB Stick

Oh, you found your bottom!

>Yes, it was behind me…

– Colleague re: the lid to my USB stick, and >my terrible pun


You know foundation….?

>me <blank stare>

– a girlfriend trying to explain makeup to me


But wait; there’s more!

– colleague about the regular patron who has 5 kids under 9 years old.


It’s not as easy now as it was in your day

– a slightly younger colleague


I don’t do gravity

– snail, after spilling a glass of water twice


I think that’s called denial. It’s not just a river in Egypt.

– Pete on my assignment when I’m playing on the iPad


Imaginary iPad’s can change the world

Oooh look at that – I have a lot of beer left in my glass.  This conversation [with you] has been very sobering

– A friend after 3 beers


3 little pigs by littleREDelf

I’m eating a fairytale for dinner

– Hana re: “The three little pigs” pizza at One Red Dog


Welcome to the 4th revised edition

– Unity Books sandwich board (upgraded premises)


You may consult with one person only

>And what if that person is Twitter?

Re: Restructures