New look in motion…

I’ve recently installed wordpress on my site so it’s a bit skewif at the mo so please ‘scuse that. Am looking at having a static home page with perhaps blurbs of what I’ve updated lately. This is what I’d like anyway. However I am a bit busy at the moment, working on completing two papers (as at writing this, four assignments to go before November) to finish my Level 6 Information and Library Studies Diploma with the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand.

In the meantime, here’s a video of a favourite song of mine at the moment:

Musings re: site architecture, direction, rss feeds and idolising

I am torn between getting going on this site and keeping it raw, the way it is right now (at the time of writing). Admittedly, I’m scared. I need some chocolate mousse to think about this… *goes off to get chocolate mousse from fridge*. It would be nice to have a nice looking website, but I like doing things for myself, the hard way. My stubborness really shows itself sometimes.

Ummm so yeah, should I or shouldn’t I? Delve into wordpress, or just push-button-publishing in general, OR keep learning the hardway very very gradually? I’m torn. aargH!! Either way, I’m going to be learning so it’s not all bad if I go the wordpress way. Also, another option is whether or not to integrate wordpress into one section of my site (e.g. this page) or let it take over the whole thing and get all the info arch tied up seamlessly.

I used to be fully in awe of Jessamyn’s site over at, but Kathryn Greenhill’s is coming up fast. It’s good to be able to aspire to something and model yourself or your ‘thing’ on it. That said, don’t idolise. Not good. How old is Barbie again?? Bet she’s been smoking in secret all along and that she’s going to need a blood transfusion or a kidney or new liver or something soon.

But seriously, I need to get wordpress going and an RSS feed so people actually KNOW what I’m writing about. I think I know my answer. “Just do it” (Nike).

Push-button publishing vs …

The fact that it took so long for me to get here from the thought first coming into my mind says a lot, but what are the benefits of push-button publishing versus the alternative (doing precisely what I’m doing, or heaven forbid, going the very traditional route of submitting something to an actual publisher in a building in another country even), besides the obvious “push-button publishing” aspect as the name suggests.

Why do people even still have websites and content management systems? Why isn’t everything on the internet just run on blog software by some “not-for-profit” software company? Does google have blog software?? Would blogging software just be too easy for them? They’re getting every other market. Ok, enough of a rant. Get back to work Hana!

*grumble grumble*