A thank you to my PLN friends

I remember at a conference dinner a few years back in Perth, Kathryn Greenhill and another librarian (can’t remember who) left the dinner table to talk enthusiastically about PLN’s (or was it PLE’s?).

Over the years since, I have come to understand what PLN’s are – Personal Learning Networks. I have also come to dearly appreciate the individuals and friendships and connections I’ve made within mine.

This here is a post dedicated to them.

Recently, I have taken part in a secret stork project, initiated by Penny Dugmore (@greengecko29). The project came about as a secret santa type thing for all the women on Twitter that were expecting in the near future. So far, I’ve just been the recipient of gifts from secret storks but it will be my turn soon to post something to a soon-to-be Mum in Australia.

The following I have received in the post from some wonderful women in the New Zealand and Australian library community.
Thank you ladies.

Banana Boxes from the Far North

 Two banana boxes full of baby clothes from Sabine (@BeezilBeard) in the Far North District. I’ve met Sabine once in-person. Thank you so much Sabine.

Crotched starfish man

 A knitted starfish man.

This one is part of the Secret Stork project from Kate F in Melbourne (@katejf), a not-so-secret Stork. Thank you Kate, it’s gorgeous.

Bib and cloth nappies

 Bib and newborn and small size cloth nappies from Penny (@greengecko29) of West Auckland. Thank you Penny.

Crotched Peanut

 A crotched Peanut from Julia (@jaygee35) in Perth.

I think you’d classify this as a rabbit, but I think this one really looks like a Peanut type character.  Perfect.  Love it.  Thank you.

Crotched kiwi

A crotched kiwi from a librarian in Melbourne?  It could only be the beautiful Kim Tairi (@haikugirlOz).

Thank you Kim.

Librarian's bookmark

 Saving the best for last, this is a requested one from the lovely and passionate Naomi (@NaomiDoessel) in Brisbane.

I saw her divvying these up to other fellow Australian PLN’ers at NLS5 and cheekily requested one 🙂

A tour of literary goodness in San Francisco

A few months ago now (try 14 months) I spent two weeks in San Francisco on holiday.  Doing what I do on holiday, I found myself visiting a few libraries and bookshops, “just to see”.  I took a few photos of the literary places we visited.

San Francisco Public Library
Main entrance to San Francisco Public Library
SFPL foyer

I found the 993’s – New Zealand history!

994's in SFPL Children's section

And a whole lot more 994’s – Australian history.

Spin a story

They had a pretty awesome little kids section with lots of things to play with. I particularly liked this one and thought it would be a pretty good one to create and have in my workplace.

Rules for the Oakland Public Library

The next day we went around the other side of the bay and popped into an Oakland Public Library.  Pretty rough neighbourhood as evidenced by their guidelines for behaviour (“The following activities and behaviors ARE PROHIBITED in the building”).  This picture doesn’t show it but there’s a pretty awesome one which was our favourite, “5. Challenging another person to a fight or engaging in any fight”. We interpreted it as, “no dueling”.

Chronicle Books

The dude we were staying with (GK) has his office in the same building as Chronicle Books.  They had a freebie table for staff in the copy room which I visited frequently.  This is downstairs in the foyer.

Mill Valley Public Library

This is Mill Valley Public Library, about 20km from where we were staying.  Lovely library with high ceilings and a fire place! Not sure if it was gas or real…

Amusing book title

They had some interesting books. On return home, I checked my local and we have it too. So it’s not such a silly book after all..?  FYI – It was written by an Australian.

Those 993's again

And yes, I visited those 993’s again just to see how much information there is about our fair country to the people of the United States.  And here we are. This is how we’re depicted. Running around in the tussocks in our swandri’s with our pet sheep.  Ooh dear. You’d think this was an old publication but I checked, and this one was in the 2000’s. Hooo. I should’ve checked who the publisher was…

Green Apple books

And my favourite – Green Apple books – a secondhand book store in Central Richmond in San Fran. This is just the children’s section. It looks like a labyrinth. I love it.

The time crunch

Some of you may know that I am expecting my first child in the near future.  I will be taking some time out to devote myself fully to this important role of raising a small human being.

Over the past few years I have been heavily involved in my own personal professional development, and generally trying to contribute positively towards the profession in New Zealand and moving us forward.  I thoroughly enjoy where I am at the moment in my career, and the collaborations and relationships that I have established and continue to nurture.  I also revel in my day-to-day experiences and learnings from my volunteer roles with LIANZA, and my role at my place of employment.

However, I’m nearly at a cross-roads, and it’s crunch time.  Something, sooner or later will have to give.
(Mums, Dads – does it? Will it?)

Over the past 6 months or so, my musings here have definitely subsided with the occasional squirt of a thought making it to “publish”, along with tweets and other miscellaneous tools for social interaction, including the odd coffee or yumcha lunch date.

It’s getting to the crunch time and I’m a wee bit nervous.

Years later, I’m probably going to look back over this and think, aahhh those were the days, when I worried about retaining my professional identity while raising some kiddiewinkles.  Well yeah, I can’t wait for that day when I look back.  But right now I have to look forward into wholly unfamiliar territory.  People tell me your world changes.

Don’t get me wrong, I will make it clear now, that I am really looking forward to this new journey in my life.  I’m excited about that new world. 🙂

I have read, talked, asked, enquired, read, chatted, laughed and mused about what it will be like post-children.  I am now getting to wonder what it is like specifically as a “new-generation” Librarian, who aspires to be LIANZA president one day and possibly even an LJ Mover and Shaker.

What spurred me to draft this post was reading Bobbi Newman’s (LibrarianbyDay) tweet for a request to an article about how Movers and Shakers were treated after getting the award.  Someone found it and Bobbi said she’d seriously like to see a follow-up article.

This is what I learned from reading that article:

Wordle: Explore

Time is the most valuable possession.  If you don’t have time, then you can’t do these things.

I am very much looking forward to this new phase in my life and I look forward to the journey and where it will take me.

I will find time to explore, experiment and think.