Conversation starters

So this fantastic unconference was held in Christchurch a couple of months ago, which I was super lucky enough to attend. It was the second round of Women Who Get Shit Done, or WWGSD for short.

It. Was. Awesome. I can’t even remember when exactly it was, but I had the weekend away from the kids, and that was special in itself. I wrote another post about it, so I’ll post that soon.

I wrote this post, “Conversation starters” the day before attending. I was nervous about interacting with a bunch of adults I didn’t know. And I’d never been to an unconference before. I billed myself as the Playcentre delegate. I was attending with my 12mo son however, as a comforting cloak of identity, but ended up going solo.

Hana at WWGSD Chch

Conversation starters -Intended for use at WWGSD chch 2017:

  • Ko wai toku ingoa? Ko Hana ahau me a tenei ia Matthew.
  • No hea koe?
  • How do you manage to GSD with young kids?
  • How do you hang your washing?
  • If you could withhold one piece of advice for parents-to-be, under what topic what would you choose?

My writing goals / goal posts

I’ve thought of a tagline for Library.geek – “Exploring librarianship and your identity after children” OR “When librarianship and motherhood canoodle”

What one, what one?

I removed the title of this site, “” from its header over two years ago – why, I don’t know, but it turns out that wasn’t good web writing etiquette or even good for web design, or anything really. It makes no sense. I just thought an image said a thousand words. In a search engine however, it really doesn’t. So that’s going to change when I have more than a spare 20 minutes.

I just unearthed my notes from my filing system in my wardrobe from a something-am brainstorm a week after becoming a Mum – over three years ago. They’re all bullet-points, nothing that I can actually just write up here and capture, nor photograph as there’s names and action points (?! – so formal! Even a week after having a baby!)

I’m taking a writing for the web paper through the Open Polytechnic at the moment, hoping to complete it before child #3 arrives in Februrary 2016.

Lets hope my next post is more composed as I’m just itching to get something written to share that I still have a brain; it’s working; and I’m planning on using it again to write about what new learnings I’ve been consolidating over the past three years.

Always learning,

We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful wizard of Ozzz! – #LIANZA2012


Wow, I haven’t posted here in quite a while! You know why don’t you? It’s because of this wee gem –

Photo of bubba

Yup, been busy looking after her and haven’t gotten ’round to writing. You know, more important things and all that.

Today we are heading up to LIANZA Conference 2012 Ipukarea in Palmerston North, just a couple of hours drive away, to chair the first keynote speaker, Mavis Mullins.

A full conference registration with a bubba and chairing a keynote – first time for everything!

I’m thinking about hosting a coveritlive session here for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, for those that don’t have a smart phone to follow the twitter stream via the Crowdcomms App. (You can actually follow it via a normal website, this is just an optional extra). Let me know if that’d be of benefit to you and you’d like me to do it.

Hope to see you there!