LIANZA Centennial Conference 2010

Thought I’d set up something so people that don’t want to navigate Twitter can see what’s happening at Conference over the next three days. ¬†Very interesting stuff happening (an understatement really).
Check it out:

Another option, CoveritLive has also been set up by Paul Hayton, Electronic Services Librarian at Dunedin Public Libraries.
The following are links to coverage of the Conference:

So wish I was there!
By the way – if you are attending, would you like to write a review of a session please? Come onn all you bloggers and writers out there, share with your colleagues in e-Library Life!

Being Open

I am so happy that I have gotten rid of the filth that is the empire and institution of Facebook. So so happy.

See how happy I am from my recent tweets!

I have to say that I totally agree with being open, and for this, I am staying with Twitter for the forseeable future. If I find out in some way or another that the institution of Twitter is beginning to be unethical, then I will take my business elsewhere. Vote with your feet guys.

The world needs more open discussion. Yay freedom of speech.
And yay the founders of Twitter. I really agree with you. And yay for sharing of social media policies for others to compare and contrast with their own or to assist with starting one off.

Just, “yay “.
That is all.

Subscriptions and Twitter

I have just unsubscribed from the pub-sig list-serv and tried to unsubscribe from an nz school list-serv. The latter list conversation was doing my head in (books for teens and children etc). I should actually be reading these things, but I just have to say, although yes I am sort of verging on children’s librarianship at work with running Preschool Storytime, I’m not yet ready to hang up my interest in technology.

Just yesterday, I created a twitter account for the LIANZA Wellington regional committee, Te Upoko o te Ika a Maui I’m quite happy with it, and I’m learning heaps all over again. Social technology fascinates me.

With the second time now that I’ve created a twitter account, I’ve learnt how not to do things, so am taking this cautiously and am extra conscious of the information that I put out and the image I’m trying to create for LIANZA and our committee of being relevant. I think it’s working. Already I’ve been retweeted, and I have 12 followers, 11 of which aren’t me.

I have to say, you learn more in a day of interacting and engaging in conversations on Twitter, than you do .. uhh not interacting and engaging in conversations on Twitter.