Is it time to give up CD’s?

I have been buying CD’s for oooh about 15 years now. I remember the first one I bought – The Romeo and Juliet soundtrack. I remember the first tape I bought, Quincy Jones and Baby Face and Tamia – Slow Jams, the single. Yep, I used to buy tape singles, because $5 was all I had in my hand. And I bought CD singles too when I found tapes didn’t last as long. However, reading an article on copyright by – is making me think perhaps it’s time to move on from CD’s.

At what point do you move on to the latest format? When your existing format no longer serves your needs? I don’t have that many needs when it comes to what format my music is in.

I don’t download music, I don’t download movies. I don’t copy music, I don’t copy movies. I don’t electronically share music (ok I do share songs sort of, I’ve been on for a couple of years) and I don’t electronically share movies.

I just need to be able to play music at home, which is currently on a PC setup, and in the car via CD’s.  And occasionally on my ipod which doesn’t really get much use anymore unfortunately.

What are your thoughts on copyright, music and formats? It’s a topic of conversation that intrigues me.

What format of music do you mostly listen to? I’m interested to know.

New look in motion…

I’ve recently installed wordpress on my site so it’s a bit skewif at the mo so please ‘scuse that. Am looking at having a static home page with perhaps blurbs of what I’ve updated lately. This is what I’d like anyway. However I am a bit busy at the moment, working on completing two papers (as at writing this, four assignments to go before November) to finish my Level 6 Information and Library Studies Diploma with the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand.

In the meantime, here’s a video of a favourite song of mine at the moment: