Coverage of #lianza2012 Conference – Day 4

Huge apologies for the coveritlive not having an actual feed yesterday. Stupidly, it appears, I thought that if you set something to start at 7am it will start. But alas, I learned that you have to launch it as well 🙂

To make up for it, I’m capturing Day 4 for us – and launching it!
The day starts at 8.45 with the welcome and finishes around 12 I believe. I will leave it going to see what people are saying on their way home about #lianza2012.

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Great meeting some of you at conference by the way. Special shout out to Rob and Lisa, Meredith, Chris and Kathryn and Christina at Catalyst, Andy, and Tania and anyone else who helped with, held while I did something or just hung out with me and the squealing (with glee) bubba. It has been much much appreciated.

Coverage of #lianza2012 Conference – day 2

Hi guys

Nobody told me they wanted a Coveritlive done, but I decided I did, for posterity and my own memory. I’m most likely not going to see much of conference this year despite having a full registration so this is more for me than anyone else. If it helps you, then yay! If not, hei aha 🙂

bit late with this, but hei aha, never mind!

We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful wizard of Ozzz! – #LIANZA2012


Wow, I haven’t posted here in quite a while! You know why don’t you? It’s because of this wee gem –

Photo of bubba

Yup, been busy looking after her and haven’t gotten ’round to writing. You know, more important things and all that.

Today we are heading up to LIANZA Conference 2012 Ipukarea in Palmerston North, just a couple of hours drive away, to chair the first keynote speaker, Mavis Mullins.

A full conference registration with a bubba and chairing a keynote – first time for everything!

I’m thinking about hosting a coveritlive session here for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, for those that don’t have a smart phone to follow the twitter stream via the Crowdcomms App. (You can actually follow it via a normal website, this is just an optional extra). Let me know if that’d be of benefit to you and you’d like me to do it.

Hope to see you there!