Definition of a weblog

When is a list of my thoughts on a website, not a blog? When it’s in weblog format – i.e. date, title, thought. Hrmm, ok.. so this is a blog.

Since I’ve been showing my site to a few friends, letting them know that yay I made it all myself handtyped xhtml and css blah blah blah, I’ve found a flaw in something I clearly state that I’m not doing. In the about site section on the about page, I say “This is not a blog”. Funnily enough, I don’t really back that up or clarify that in any way at all. I was informed the other day that my site is actually a blog, or a weblog, as it logs my thoughts.

Here’s a good definition of weblogs from someone that sounded authorative and had the links in all the right places for clarification and authority, has prepared for us beforehand. The writer of this, Rebecca, wrote this in 2000, a substantial amount of time ago. She has some relevant perspectives on the difference in style of weblogs and how that has evolved over time with the introduction of blogging software (blogger).

So.. library.geek is a weblog. And I’m ok with that. 🙂

Musings re: site architecture, direction, rss feeds and idolising

I am torn between getting going on this site and keeping it raw, the way it is right now (at the time of writing). Admittedly, I’m scared. I need some chocolate mousse to think about this… *goes off to get chocolate mousse from fridge*. It would be nice to have a nice looking website, but I like doing things for myself, the hard way. My stubborness really shows itself sometimes.

Ummm so yeah, should I or shouldn’t I? Delve into wordpress, or just push-button-publishing in general, OR keep learning the hardway very very gradually? I’m torn. aargH!! Either way, I’m going to be learning so it’s not all bad if I go the wordpress way. Also, another option is whether or not to integrate wordpress into one section of my site (e.g. this page) or let it take over the whole thing and get all the info arch tied up seamlessly.

I used to be fully in awe of Jessamyn’s site over at, but Kathryn Greenhill’s is coming up fast. It’s good to be able to aspire to something and model yourself or your ‘thing’ on it. That said, don’t idolise. Not good. How old is Barbie again?? Bet she’s been smoking in secret all along and that she’s going to need a blood transfusion or a kidney or new liver or something soon.

But seriously, I need to get wordpress going and an RSS feed so people actually KNOW what I’m writing about. I think I know my answer. “Just do it” (Nike).

Me me me … and work work work

This site seriously needs an overhaul in information architecture and web design. Also, not to mention, Te Upoko o te Ika a Maui’s LIANZA pages as well. Oh wait, I already did… I wish I’d actually done that Web design course… oh well, another time perhaps. Meanwhile, I am trying out tweeting a conference tomorrow at Educause in Perth. Should be fun. Follow me or have a read of what I tweeted and what others were saying.

I am sooooo sick of writing < a href=” some interesting URL here “> something catchy here < / a > this site will be the death of me. Touch wood.