The world is your oyster. No, it’s MY oyster!

I know there’s more out there than what’s in front of me.  It’s like how I felt when I was looking at papers to do at Vic.  I felt the world was at my feet; the world was my oyster.  Scrap that.  The world is at my feet; the world is my oyster.

And on that note, may I announce my first professional speaking appearance at …

the ALIA National Library and Information Technician’s Conference
Back to Basics – Perth 2011

Monday 12 – Friday 16 September


Sooo excited!  I am going to be visiting my friends and family in Perth and presenting a paper that a colleague (the highly regarded and respected Alison Fields) and I have written together titled,

“Writing Basics: Choosing the right media and the right audience to deliver your message”

I cannot speak more highly of Alison.  One of my tutors/lecturers from the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand for approximately 5 years, she asked me late last year if I’d like to write a paper with her for the bi-annual ALIA Lib Tech conference in September 2011.  I literally jumped at the chance.

Grandfather Clock Face Waters building by stevendepolo, on FlickrA bit of history

Back in 2008/2009 approximately 3 years ago when I was living in Perth, I put my hand up to speak at the, ALIA Lib Tech 2009 Conference: Technology Technique Unique.  I wrote an abstract titled Aotearoa and Australia: my experience so far“, based on the differences in the library and information industry I’d observed so far in my career.  It was accepted. And it would’ve been good.  But I didn’t present it.  In between having the abstract accepted, and the actual conference, I’d left employment in Perth to returning home to Wellington and finding myself unemployed.  Thus, no funds to attend the conference.  Mmm I didn’t totally think ahead on that one.

Alison Fields, one of my Open Polytechnic tutors, e-mailed me to say hello and that she’d seen my name on the programme – she was also speaking and was looking forward to catching up in Adelaide [at the conference].  I was too, until I realised I didn’t have any money to get there to present.  I told the conference secretariat (and Alison) that unfortunately I could not attend due to lack of finances.

A ray of light

Rising Seagull at Dawn by Oberazzi, on Flickr

A year or so passes and Alison drops me a line. Would I like to write a paper with her for the next ALIA Lib Tech conference, they’ve just called for abstracts.

“Would I ever?!”

I thanked Alison for thinking of me, a slowly emerging information professional and current Open Polytechnic student.  And I have been thanking her ever since.  I will continue to thank her for inviting me and taking me on this journey of my first conference paper and speaking appearance.

Reality dawns

I’m presenting our paper in Perth in just over two weeks!

Will you be in Perth mid September?  Are you attending ALIA Lib Tech 2011?  The New Librarian’s Symposium #5?  Or Library Camp Australia?

SLANZA 2011 Day 4: Wednesday 20th July

Last day today of SLANZA’s conference, capturing tweets here for participants, watchers/onlookers and posterity.

Programme is here.

Highlights today (in my opinion):

Donna Watt: “Strategic planning for school libraries: Choosing a destination and planning the journey”
11am – 12.40pm

Happy following!


SLANZA 2011 Day 3: Tuesday 19th July

Second CoveritLive feed of SLANZA’s conference in Auckland happening tomorrow.

Again, programme is here.

Highlights for Day 3 (In my opinion):

  • Joyce Valenza, the first keynote at 9.30am and also at 11.55am and 3.45pm
  • Robert Baigent, of AnyQuestions (National Library) speaking at 11am – 12.40pm on “The Fearless Librarian” with Anne Morgan and Lisa Oldham, also of Natlib.

Rob also happens to be a writer for Librarylife 😉  Hey, I’m allowed to promote my mates!

I hope you’re following this all!