Hana Profile PhotoI’m Hana Whaanga.

I live in Wellington, the [cultural] capital of New Zealand, Aotearoa.

I identify as Maori.

I am a self-confessed library geek.  I don’t just half live in libraries, I work in them and I’m passionate about information and this profession.  I am excited by the intersections and possibilities there are within it, and for it.  I like to write and muse a lot about all this.


I’m passionate about making information more accessible and passionate about making connections between people and the information they are seeking.  I enjoy a good search and good conversations with the community.

I am a Librarian at a local medium-sized public library and a prominent volunteer for New Zealand’s Library and Information Association, LIANZA.
separate page lists what I’m currently up to and things I’ve done since deciding that this industry is for me.


I’m a geek.  What else can I say?

Generally I quite like helping people, and I believe the world revolves around good communication and great conversations.  I also quite like soy-hot chocolates, though I am not lactose intolerant.  I just like the taste of soy milk 🙂

My all-time, most favourite movie ever is The Wizard of Oz.

About Library.Geek the blog

I apologise here now, but the blog section of library.geek is a mish-mash of my thoughts.  Some taken from an original thoughts page, some from a paper I took in the first half of 2010 where you were to keep a journal of your thoughts throughout the course.  Me being me, thought this would be a great opportunity to blog my thoughts.  Then I decided that I thought it’d be neat just to throw it all together, tag it, and continue writing.  And so a blog is born.

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