Women who get shit done

So I thought I would write another one of those gratitude posts, but they’re all so lame, so I retitled this one, and labelled it Women Who Get Shit Done. Such a great unconference title.

And more reasons why I chose Librarianship

It is a sisterhood. It’s filled with women. It’s filled with mothers. It’s filled with femininity. It’s a caring profession. It’s filled with women who are genuinely supportive of you. Mostly. This has been my experience and I’m being open with you about my journey here.
I recently attended an unconference for women titled WWGSD. I came away from it more drained than I am from a day at home with my kids. I was more mentally exhausted. More emotionally exhausted. Depleted even, more than anything else I think that I’ve ever experienced. Possibly even childbirth. That’s saying something, isn’t it? The third time round anyway. It wasn’t a bad depleted or emotionally exhausted. Don’t get me wrong. I had to clarify that at the time because I did get that sympathy ”

It wasn’t a bad depleted or emotionally exhausted, don’t get me wrong. I had to clarify that at the time because I did get that sympathy “awwww” response. It was worth it. You know that anything hard is worth doing. Anything that challenges you is worth doing. Anything that makes you vulnerable, that brings you out of your comfort zone, anything that opens you up, is worth doing. Talking, laughing, crying, childbirth, parenthood, hugging, you name the next five. Some of these things, literally open you up. To see who you are inside yourself. To quote Westworld, “it changes you. Shows you who your true self is… and I can’t fucking wait to meet that guy”.

Well me too.

Anything that changes you, is worth investing in.


I say to people that make it to my Playcentre’s gates, well done for getting here. You need that reminder. You got here. Well done. It was hard work, but getting your foot in the door is the first step to an achievement. Or if you get anxiety or agoraphobia or PND, getting your foot out the door is also an achievement.

Thank you team for getting me here and where I am today.

Thank you for coming here today.

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