Conversation starters

So this fantastic unconference was held in Christchurch a couple of months ago, which I was super lucky enough to attend. It was the second round of Women Who Get Shit Done, or WWGSD for short.

It. Was. Awesome. I can’t even remember when exactly it was, but I had the weekend away from the kids, and that was special in itself. I wrote another post about it, so I’ll post that soon.

I wrote this post, “Conversation starters” the day before attending. I was nervous about interacting with a bunch of adults I didn’t know. And I’d never been to an unconference before. I billed myself as the Playcentre delegate. I was attending with my 12mo son however, as a comforting cloak of identity, but ended up going solo.

Hana at WWGSD Chch

Conversation starters -Intended for use at WWGSD chch 2017:

  • Ko wai toku ingoa? Ko Hana ahau me a tenei ia Matthew.
  • No hea koe?
  • How do you manage to GSD with young kids?
  • How do you hang your washing?
  • If you could withhold one piece of advice for parents-to-be, under what topic what would you choose?

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