When librarianship and motherhood canoodle

My relationship with librarianship began approximately 11 years ago when I was fresh into studying a BA 3-year degree. Barely in, I decided to switch to an undergraduate diploma in information and library studies. I couldn’t go through the pain of a general degree when I really wanted to get into the thick of learning about the science of libraries and information. Specialising and upgrading could come later.

My relationship with motherhood began on May 25th, 2012.

Somewhat, I feel (in my life at least) that these relationships – motherhood and librarianship – “ne’er betwixt the two shall meet”.

For me, fully succeeding in one right now, compromises the other. At the moment, I cannot ride both universes of librarianship and motherhood. I have an interest in one, but an affinity with the other 🙂

Librarianmer recognises it.
Ned Potter did too immediately after his talk at the LIANZA conference. Others mention it of course too.

I begun this post possibly 4 years ago, and according to wordpress, I last worked on it on February the 15th 2016, the day before my son was born.


One day soon, I will get around to writing more about this intersection of librarianship and motherhood, this canoodling. In the meantime, this writing about writing will have to do. I’m famous for it.


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