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I’ve thought of a tagline for Library.geek – “Exploring librarianship and your identity after children” OR “When librarianship and motherhood canoodle”

What one, what one?

I removed the title of this site, “” from its header over two years ago – why, I don’t know, but it turns out that wasn’t good web writing etiquette or even good for web design, or anything really. It makes no sense. I just thought an image said a thousand words. In a search engine however, it really doesn’t. So that’s going to change when I have more than a spare 20 minutes.

I just unearthed my notes from my filing system in my wardrobe from a something-am brainstorm a week after becoming a Mum – over three years ago. They’re all bullet-points, nothing that I can actually just write up here and capture, nor photograph as there’s names and action points (?! – so formal! Even a week after having a baby!)

I’m taking a writing for the web paper through the Open Polytechnic at the moment, hoping to complete it before child #3 arrives in Februrary 2016.

Lets hope my next post is more composed as I’m just itching to get something written to share that I still have a brain; it’s working; and I’m planning on using it again to write about what new learnings I’ve been consolidating over the past three years.

Always learning,

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  1. Of course you still have a brain Hana! I salute you for keeping it working while pregnant… Not an easy task for some. I couldn’t even bring myself to read the newspapers…
    Looking forward to seeing the results of your paper on your web page …. and of course news of new bub …. 🙂 love to you and Pete and kiddies. xxxxx

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