So much to say, so little time

So I had a child a couple of years ago and I’ve since had another – my daughters, Fern and Anahera.

Within five days after having Fern, I had a brainwave-type moment after a night feed and I wrote a tentative blogpost on a notepad next to the bed titled,

When librarianship and motherhood collide (or canoodle)

I still haven’t typed it up.

Life happened. Two wonderful new lives. More if you count whose lives theirs have affected.

I’m going to start writing again after a long hiatus. I am even courting the idea of writing for LIANZA again and writing about that writing, here.

What would you say to a column about the transition from career to new career in parenthood? I had an idea that it might be quite helpful, to document how I made the transition for all those others that are going to do exactly the same.

Let’s see how we go!


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