Finger on the pulse?

I wrote this before I gave birth to my first child in May of 2012. Interesting what you think is realistic before having children.


How important is it *really* to have your finger on the pulse?

What happens to the blood supply when you take your finger away?
Is the blood your blood, or is it everyone else’s that you’re trying to keep a handle on?

So many analogies! I could keep going. Alright I will, and lets bring some context to it so I’m not just talking about blood and guts.

Lets say the pulse, is the heart of the library and information profession and sharing community. The “th thmp th thmp th thmp th thmp th thmp th thmp th thmp” is the regular flow of information and conversation between individuals and organisations, people that are proactively *doing shit* in the industry, to further us so we’re not seen as still in the doldrums.

The blood is …. hrmmmm the blood is…. conversation.  The blood is conversation and communication and people, aaall that stuff that makes up blood (I’m not a med student)

Over the past week I’ve unsubscribed from at least 15 different news sources and listservs.  Just this morning I unsubscribed from:

That’s a fair chunk of information coming right to my inbox every day right there.  With Peanut on the way in the next few weeks, I want to have as little as possible in my inbox.  And even then, I only want contact from real people.

Yep, my finger is still going to be on the pulse for the next 12 months.  I’m just not going to be bothered reading every Tom, Dick and Harry’s post, thought, promo, or conversation.  And I’m ok with that.  Am actually quite looking forward to it.

Besides, I’ve decided to use this next 12 months to work (concentrate?) on one or two projects (other than Peanut) that have some depth to them, rather like what I worked on with Alison Fields last year with our ALIALibTec presentation.

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