Defining a New Information Professional

LIANZA’s website states those that can use the New Information Professional Category as those that, “having started Library career within the last 24months, valid 3yrs”.

I’m intrigued by this, as I am with most definitions, as I like to deconstruct terms to help with my own understanding of it.

The point that I’m most intrigued by is the,

“having started Library career…”

When can you define when you start a library career?  Me, being the tenacious person I am (thank you Sally) always wants to get the best deal and I would’ve liked to have gotten in on this category if I hadn’t been a personal member for hmm 4 years, 5 years is it?  And if I hadn’t already written on the interwebs in numerous places that I started my Library career, well… more than 5 years ago, then I might’ve been able to get in on it.

How have you defined when you started your library career?

Or how will you define when you start your library career?

How do you know when you’re a librarian?

How do you know when you’re not new anymore?

I really feel like I’m in neverland sometimes. I’m not really a labels or tag person. I’m not one and and I’m not the other. I just am. If people want to say I’m a new professional then I’m fine with that. If people want to say I’m a youngun, that’s fine too. If people want to say I’m a techie, then sure, say that too (I’m not really – but wait, what’s a “techie” defined as??).

Maybe I should just put the dictionary down and think less…

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2 thoughts on “Defining a New Information Professional”

  1. I started as a casual 20 years ago, with no training, so I don’t think I could have been called a ‘new professional’ then; I was just lucky to get a job. I’ve never completed a library diploma and degree, but do have other qualifications. It *is* tricky and, like you, I don’t think labels always help anyway.

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  2. Ahhh… so many questions Hana…personally I do not consider myself a ‘new professional’ – but I like the energy and attitude these groups tend to have. However, there are a lot of folks with verve and enthusiasm within the profession from all stages in their careers and I’m sure we can think of many who have inspired us over the years… so labels schmabels!
    Perhaps we can think of the ‘new professional’ groups as Marine Reserves, that the positive benefits spill out into the surrounding ocean, but there are still some pretty funky fish swimming around in the deep blue sea 😀

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