I have cassettes, cassingles, CD singles and CDs at home, …

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Comment on Is it time to give up CD’s? by Steph.

I have cassettes, cassingles, CD singles and CDs at home, none of which I really listen to anymore! I keep them not so much as a repository of music, but as a cache of memories.
I listen to mixed CDs in the car, but the way I listen to music at home is from the PC on iTunes, or on my iPod to and from work. Most of what is on iTunes has been ripped from the home collection, which is pretty massive (husband is a musician), with a bit downloaded from iTunes and other sites. We don’t download movies, as we prefer DVDs and watching them on a bigger screen than the PC :).
I think that as music and movies have become available as data that is easily transferrable, their intrinsic value has diminshed in the eyes of the users. Technological innovations have moved faster than the law, so there is always a legally grey area in which people now operate when it comes to downloading music and movies (and tv shows).
Books seem to be a different matter, with e-books becoming mired in digital rights management, licensing agreements which seem to overrule copyright law.
Keep on buying music in whatever format suits your lifestyle. Hold on to the old formats, if only as a conversation piece to show little people how you used to listen to music:).

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