Reflection on the DailyImage2011 challenge

Well, I piked out of the challenge sometime in September (for good reason) and managed to put in three images in December to round off the year.

Photo of Hana Free-wheeling it
Free-wheeling it

The Daily Image 2011 challenge – it was a challenge and I am glad I took part in it, thank you Kathryn for initiating and inviting me to join.  The premise of the challenge is simple:

  1. Take a photo that has you or part of you in it, every day for one year
  2. Upload it to Flickr
  3. Tag it with “dailyimage2011”
  4. Add it to the group “Daily Image 2011
  5. Optional extra: post to twitter with hashtag #dailyimage2011

I followed a number of colleagues based in Australia, started following them on twitter and met some of them in Perth in September when I presented at the ALIA 2011 Lib Tech Conference.  I’d like to think that I’ve made friends with a couple of them too.

As Kathryn mentioned when she sent out the invitations to join in the challenge, she had tried it in 2009 and found that she was,

really confronted by the choices I had to make about how I presented myself.  Did I always want to show myself as a healthy, cheery sort of person?  How much of the ugly and everyday was I prepared to show?

I managed to come up with 195 photos myself.  Out of 365 days in the year that’s more than half of the year in photos – woop!  I think that was alright for my first try and finding out I was pregnant three quarters of the way through!

I had quite a bit of fun doing it and found that yes, I did want to portray myself as a little manic and full of energy and life.

I found getting further into it that I was opening up a bit.  I let people know that one of my favourite pastimes is sleeping and I think that I am very much like my cat.  I even took a photo of myself crying – it was February the 22nd, the day of the major Christchurch earthquake where 180+ people died.  I also found that I had to make a conscious decision not to identify my workplace in any photos.

Well here they are – My Daily Images of 2011 – Enjoy!


A few colleagues have started again for 2012 and I said I’d like to join in, so keep an eye out on the right-hand side for another flickr widget of that set.

Thanks guys, it was fun.

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