Flicking the switch

I find myself advocating a lot for LIANZA, for sharing information wider than your work circles, and generally for sharing. I’ve written about collaboration in my role as Editor for LIANZA’s fortnightly newsletter Librarylife: Te Rau Ora, now in my 7th or 8th month in that role. I say ‘that’ role, but it’s really ‘this’ role. I never drop it. I never take my advocating hat off and will continue to share information with people and push people to do more, even in my ‘spare’ time.

In that sense, I’m running a fine line between my professional identity and my personal identity.  It gets very blurry and I’m sure others experience this too and come across the same dual/multiple identity ponderance.

Do you the reader, ever find yourself advocating in your off-time?  Do you have off-time?  What about those late night chats on Twitter where someone poses a thinly veiled reference query and you jump at the chance to flex your searching skills outside of work hours??

Oh I know you’ve done it before.  I have.

I am such a geek.  But geeks do love to collaborate and advocate with their peers.  And they utilise any opportunity.

If we ever meet, online or in real life, please don’t shy away from the opportunity to create something magical and share our learnings with the wider community, even if it is outside of work hours.


Below are photographic examples of my personal and professional identity.  Tell me which is which

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