Ummm you make time. And I have a very …

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Comment on Hana is on the internets. again. by Hana.

ummm you make time. And I have a very understanding and considerate partner 🙂

And I’m very good at saying, “sure I can help you with that”.

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Thoughts on list-servs as professional discourse
Kia ora Cath! and no worries!

I will happily provide a place here to talk, where it’s relatively safe to do so.

I agree with what you’re saying here, in a very articulate and considered manner I might add. That’s not to say that general conversation and communication on list-servs the world over has denegrated over time, it’s just that the medium that people use to communicate on list-servs – e-mail – is a driver for the quick flow and fast response. Maybe people need a couple more click-throughs before publishing perhaps. Think how long it takes to get published in a journal. Now there’s food for thought. Content value and time taken to publish said content. mmm another post?

Where did formal convention go for the written word I wonder?

Thank you very much for your writings Cath.

Warm regards and respect,

Thoughts on list-servs as professional discourse
Teena Vye

thank you very much for your thorough response, always nice to get a considered response in an online environment isn’t it?

I agree with you wholeheartedly on the points you make here especially regarding where LIANZA communicates it’s messages to it’s members, and the response time as LIANZA is a volunteer driven organisation.

Looks like we need to be promoting the Regional Councillors more in each region I think.

I wonder where politeness went in the online environment. It’s weird how it’s totally missed sometimes.

Thank you Vye.

Warm regards and respect,

The time crunch
thank you Freya. Reading that article (a good read, totally recommend it for potential leaders) gave me lots of “uh huh uh huh” moments, and then I thought, shit, you come across barriers to being heard everywhere you go. Just gotta keep pushing and evolve as you say 🙂

You’re a smart cookie.

The time crunch
aww, thanks Cath 🙂

thanks Sally. I appreciate your kind words.