Babies/Toddlers book review – “My first: body”

My First: body

Other than the funniness in the title of this book, it is an ok book designed for it’s audience.

In board book format with thick wipe-able pages, this book contains photographic images of babies with arrows pointing to approximately five parts of the body on each page.  It then goes on to ask questions of the baby and give pictorial examples of what they may be able to do, “What can you do? sit, crawl, stand, walk, dance, play, carry, draw, run” and goes on to describe various senses “seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting, touching”, finishing with counting 10 babies across the last two open pages.

I honestly rate this book as crap.  I believe it is inappropriate as a book for under 5’s.  There is just far too much going on and too many images (read: information) on each page for your average toddler and preschooler to absorb.  Ironically, it has a bit of sensory and information overload, I feel.

This book is trying to do too much and therefore it doesn’t succeed at anything other than leaving a parent confused to the literary merits of board books for babies.

On the whole, I believe this book was an OK purchase, but I strongly believe it is an “adult children’s” (Hunt, 1994) book catering towards the readers of this text (the parent) rather than purely for the child.


Hunt, P. (1994) Criticism and children’s literature: what can we say, and who wants to listen? International Review of Children’s Literature and Librarianship, 9(1), [7 pages, un-numbered].

5 thoughts on “Babies/Toddlers book review – “My first: body””

  1. Cool review! Are there a lot of “adult children’s” books out there? It could be a big issue, which i’ve never thought about before. I guess they are trying to sell to the parents, who might not stop to think how much info their baby can absorb. Look forward to reading more.

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    1. thank you Tom 🙂

      Yup, sadly I think there are a lot of “adult childrens'” books out there, catering to the adult reading it rather than it’s target audience. Would like to read up more on the literary merits of board books. Wonder who’s writing on them…

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  2. Great review! I like your honesty backed with references 😉
    Book reviews are so often bland rehashings of plot, theme etc, it’s refreshing to find one with strong opinions. Keep them coming.

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