New Years Resolutions continued

Recently alerted to a query on linkedin by Sally Pewhairangi to name your top 3 priorities for the next 12 months, I decided it was time to update any interested followers on how my New Years Resolutions were going.

My top three priorities for the next 12 months are:

1. Write.
2. Present that writing in a professional environment e.g. at a conference.
3. Read more offline for pleasure.

I included numbers 1 and 3 in my “New Years Resolutions” post back on January the 4th.  Not that it’s a priority, but I wanted to include #2 in between them as I would really like to write something that is worthy of presenting at a conference. That’s just a personal goal I have.
Another priority is to rein in my writing and focus on making it more professional and authorative.  This will be something to work towards for a while.  Advice on how I might do this will be greatly appreciated!
Other than time and experience, perhaps #3 and study too, I’m not sure how I can “get more professional” in my writing.

3 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions continued”

  1. I completely agree with number two – because I’ve found the one thing that focuses any creative endeavour is thinking about an audience. Doing it for one’s self is nice, I guess, but it’s hard to learn anything when your only goal is to suit yourself.

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  2. Agree with Sean, thinking about audience will help shape your writing.

    I think you could definately present at a conference. For me the topic has to be engaging. Some of the LIANZA conference presentations have been so ho hum, or already said a dozen times, the presenter loses me.

    Look forward to being in your audience one day!

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