Library Day in the Life of an association volunteer

Round six is upon us.  Here’s where you can read about where and who this originated from and here’s my post from round 4, this time last year.

nb: I started this post on the day, then continued it 6 days later, apologies for the changes in tense.

I think I’d like to share two day’s with you this time around to give you some perspective on what I do.

Tuesday 25th January 2011
Hana Whaanga
Librarylife Editor

7 something am Get out of bed

7.45’ish am Leave home to drive partner into the city to work

9’ish am Get back home and make some tomatoes on toast with the Vogels bread that I have just bought

9.18 am Ring work asking for a colleague, have forgotten that it’s a team meeting this morning and I’ve disturbed them, plus, possibly could’ve been there too

9.19 am First e-mail of the day sent.  It is my day off and I am wearing my [LIANZA] association volunteer hat

The following activity was conducted entirely by e-mail.

9.53 am E-mail Communications advisor of SLANZA, a sister organisation of school librarians in New Zealand, checking something about her feature update in today’s Librarylife

10.13 am Enquire with Communications Manager about the time of our meeting we have today.  It’s postponed

11.33 am Send feature content for today’s Librarylife to Comms Manager. This fortnight we have four, which I’m quite happy about

12.18 pm Enquire with friend asking if she knows anything in depth about the Library closures in the UK.  Ask her if she can write a brief blurb about it for the newsletter as I am linking to this article from the and don’t know much about the political background to the situation

12.21 pm Respond to committee chair’s (same person) worry at providing food for our yearly planning meeting tonight. I offer to join her with my nibble buying skills in a pre-meeting spin at the supermarket

I think I go and get lunch at some point here, I distinctly remember it was a curry – Malai Kofta from Little India

2.26 pm Send full content for Librarylife off to Comms Manager and let him know that I’m working on my editorial.  Ask him if we can have guest editorials as I can’t keep up the pace of writing something thoughtful and topical!

3.22 pm Note a spelling mistake to be fixed in earlier content sent and send my editorial through to Comms Manager for publication by the end of the day

4.26 pm Comms Manager lets me know that Librarylife is running behind schedule and will have to be sent the following morning

Straight after this juggernaught of electronic communication (my Twitter activity has not been included here), I zoomed off to meet my friend at the city Railway station to buy nibbles for our committee meeting at 5pm.
Waited with a bag of food outside the VUW entrance in the Railway building for our newest committee member whom I’ve never met before.  Did some introductions when another committee member arrived as I was standing between the two former newest members whom she hadn’t met yet.

5.30 pm – 7.30ish pm Committee Meeting.
Try to plan events for the year for the region but we’re all a bit frazzled to coherently record our thoughts, and none of us remembered a sizable piece of blank paper to write on either.  Speaking of.. there’s some notes that I have to put onto google docs and share with the group….

Drop friend home afterwards and drive home.

Can’t remember what I did the rest of that day but this is a captured moment sometime during the day when I was at home and also features as my photo of the day for the Daily Image Challenge 2011:

Tuesday the 25th of January 2011
Tuesday the 25th of January 2011

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