Ouch, I completely feel you on this one… I was …

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Ouch, I completely feel you on this one… I was asked yesterday to scope out feelings around my attending a conference with a group outside Auckland Libraries next year… which was ok… then I returned from a meeting at 11 this morning to find our outside partners need a response by end of play tomorrow… ouch!

45 minutes later I had cranked out a serviceable enough proposal… we’ll see what happens!

I think if I were to be writing my dream paper, I’d be taking it from the POV of the renaissance of geek culture and its intersection with libraries. Just how awesome we are, that kind of thing.

That being said… I guess the realistic thing is to write down 5 solid and doable ideas, do a 5 minute scope on each and take them to your partner? Yep, that’s what I’d do in reality…

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I completely agree with number two – because I’ve found the one thing that focuses any creative endeavour is thinking about an audience. Doing it for one’s self is nice, I guess, but it’s hard to learn anything when your only goal is to suit yourself.