Journal Submission : Part Three : Small task on Professional Skills

Do you (or the department in which you work) have a close working relationship with the IT staff in your organisation?

My Answer:  I personally don’t, but I imagine that the libraries digital services manager and coordinator do.  I’d like to think they do.

Would you agree that collaboration between IT staff and information management professionals is important? Explain your answer

My Answer: Yes.  I agree because we need to know the direction each other is heading in, and whether we have similar ideas or if we’re completely on different pages as to each others needs and resources.  You can never go wrong with a good working relationship in any environment.

How can this be achieved?

My Answer: by being introduced to each other at a staff induction and being open to communication between each other as individuals, and then building a working relationship from that.  If you are not the delegated communicator with IT staff of the larger organisation on behalf of the library, then you need to channel your thoughts to that person.

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