Journal Submission : Part Three : Small task on Future Roles

What is your job title? Would you like to see it changed? If so, explain why.

My Answer: CSTM (Customer Service Team Member).  No.  It’s just a job title.  I don’t like to define myself and everything I do in that position as the title itself.  It’s just a title.  However, I know that previously at MPOW it was called library assistant.  I feel somewhat “over” being a library assistant and the glass ceiling I associate with that.

Do you think the days of traditional libraries and archives are numbered? Explain your answer

My Answer: Yes and no.  Yes because structurally they may be unsafe so are being looked at for rebuilding with a different outlook and purpose with new spaces and services to meet the communities needs today.
And no, because these same buildings will have a traditional structure as their redesign instead.  It all depends on what the definition of traditional libraries will be in the days to come as definitions change.

Assess the extent to which your particular institution is ‘electronic’.

MPOW is electronic by means of having a fantastic library catalogue with loads of add-on functionality or PIF’s (patron initiated features).  Also a website.  As far as I know, no digitised heritage material yet, though this is in the pipeline.  We don’t create a lot of content on our website currently.  MPOW has a great public computing system though.

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