More issues than I know what to do with

The library and information profession isn’t facing just those issues I listed a couple of posts back.  There’s more than that.  I have, just this morning, started another assignment topic for my assignment that is due tonight by midnight.  That brings the total to four.  Four running assignments, that I have going for the purposes of this assignment?!

What is it that I want to convey?  There is simply a lot to write about, a lot of issues, not just contemporary ones, or labelled as such, that are facing the profession in the “information age”.  And what is the information age anyway?  Define that please.

My assignment topics so far are as follows:

  • “Feeling Overloaded? Experiencing #Filterfail?  It could be time to change your settings.”
    I shouldn’t really have to explain it, but I have to, so I’ve already failed in one aspect of this assignment, – supply a title that accurately reflects the content of your paper.  I like to see html markup out of context, it’s interesting to me. 
  • “Education in Information Literacy, the answer to our digital divide”
  • “Information Overload and the Information Professional’s role: how Librarian’s can help”and my latest one…
  • “User pays, the digital divide and freedom of access to information : economics and the public library”
See, the thing is, I’m quite happy writing up to 500 or so words on a topic and having a mini rant, because that’s what I’m capable of spurting out.  But anything noteworthy and academic, I don’t see myself as capable of.  I would love love love to write professionally, and produce something worth publishing in an academic journal, open access or not.  I would love that.  But with my current attention span, I’m not sure if I can.

I’m just going to flesh out my ideas here.  See, I am taking this paper because I want to get further, academically and professionally and .. publishy.. than where I am currently.  I want to get to that goal, of writing, for aliving?? Do I?  aaarrggh sidetracked!  I want to write about Information overload because it is something I experience most days.  Information overload is a challenge I face that not necessarily the rest of the information management profession is facing.  I want to write about it, and it’s facets including anxiety, but I don’t know if I alone, can provide any solutions.  I don’t know if there are any perfect solutions to it.  Is that what this assignment asked of us?  To provide a solution to the challenge?  If I personally, was attending a conference titled, “Issues in the Information Age: the challenge for the information management profession”, I would be going for sessions that actually had a little bit of fun in them, that weren’t all dry.  I do not want to be that person who write dry papers!

Recently I attended a workshop on  Career Management and I can’t say I got much out of it, other than meeting some interesting people.  Some there were interesting, some were depressive.  I was drawn to the interesting people because that’s what lifts me up.  I don’t want to write a paper on a depressing subject.

Alright, so… lively Hana will present a paper on Information Overload.  How to counteract it?  Ok cool.  That sounds manageable.  But there’s another issue that we need to cover in our assignment.  Yes, another!  How can I include another when the other is on Information Overload?  I already feel overloaded!

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