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Facebook has made it into the traditional media lately, in concern over privacy of personal information and “youth” possibly not being aware of the issue of Facebook’s lack of great terms and conditions for privacy and security of personal data.

My friend, (I like to say friend, but I have never met him, but I think I understand him on a professional level – Michael Parry @dannevirkelib, made a post recently on the NZ-librarian’known blog “Diligent Room”.

I know that in a short period of time I am going to leave Facebook. I’m currently engaging in activities recommended to me by library folk friends and articles that resonated with me that I’ve found via other networks.

It’s funny that I feel disconnected using Facebook. And it’s funny that I find it necessary to leave Facebook in order to feel like I have some ownership of myself and my identity again. Facebook has been great yes, but in terms of “connecting with someone”, that connection has been lost and I no longer want to connect with some of the people on my friend list for an indefinite period of time via Facebook. I would rather “connect” with someone face to face, than via a network in an impersonal nature such as “online”. Facebook was great, but I believe I’m over the wonder of it now. Now I just see it as some huge media conglomerate with unethical business owners and developers leading it somewhere in which I don’t want to go.

I don’t need to read copious “articles” about this. I just need the choice made up in my mind and to follow through.

In another vein, I’d also like to point out that Facebook has made us lazy information sourcing sleuth’s. All too often I hear the phrase, “Just google it”, or “look them up on Facebook”. OK I don’t hear the latter very often, but the first one I do. It’s true though. If you really want to “connect” with me, I am out there, you just have to do a simple search on any search engine and you’ll find me. “Connecting” with people is that simple. What ever happened to the white pages and e-mail ay??

I am going back to my roots of real communication. Mail and face-to-face.

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  1. good for you lovey, everyone has a choice to make and you have made one via technology. Sometimes the way things run are not the way we want to run. And you have disconnected yourself from the hoards of minions following the sheep to slaughter so to speak.

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  2. well, sometimes to look outside the square and see the needs and wants of others can help in matters of the heart and desicions for ourselves created by our personal and inevitable needs of some cases, survival. xox

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