Defining myself

It’s not easy to define yourself.

But when you find that a conference you recently attended was meant for library assistants (from Joann Ransom, one of the opening panel speakers), it’s hard for me not to feel a little professionally deflated, especially as I really don’t think of myself as a library assistant.  I’m sure many, many of the attendees don’t consider themselves library assistants either, especially when their position description is something along the lines of “Customer Service Team Member”, or “Team Member – Customer Service”, or something similar.  Why do I feel like showing my professionalism is a battle?

Maybe it’s because I do wear unprofessional clothing half the time (read: childlike dress-sense), or that I am currently working part-time because it was either that or unemployment again and searching for a full-time job.  I remember asking my facebook community in August last year how I could tone myself down in interviews.  I had a couple of friends support me by commenting that perhaps I shouldn’t look at working for someone who wants to see a toned down version of me.  I agree with them.  But there is an art to portraying yourself I believe.

I’m one of those horribly open, positive, laughable people though that can’t help seeing the game in it all.  Interviews are a game.  You jump through their hoops, and occasionally if you’re brave enough to offer one, they’ll jump through yours.  Maybe they’re just a game to me.  One I don’t really like playing that much, or I just play the game, but not that well, and I still plod on, blindly, methodically playing another round…

It was noted recently in a career management workshop that I attended, that librarian’s tend to define themselves by their job, or the work they do.  I can’t deny that.  I totally agree.  What am I without a role to play in serving others and turning up every day?  Or 4 days a week for me, as the case may be.

I am Hana.  Hello.  I like to write.  A hand-written sign on my door reminds me, “I am a successful writer and student!”.  Recently, I had a dear friend of my mothers ask me if I was still writing.  She relayed how I used to write wonderful stories when I was younger, when I was a wee young thing.  She’s right.  I did write stories.  I do still write stories I believe.  Just of a different kind, a true-life narrative kind.  And most of them are in my head. 🙂  I’m going to endeavour to get them out and on paper/screen, and shared.

My name is Hana, and I’m a writer.  🙂

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