Subscriptions and Twitter

I have just unsubscribed from the pub-sig list-serv and tried to unsubscribe from an nz school list-serv. The latter list conversation was doing my head in (books for teens and children etc). I should actually be reading these things, but I just have to say, although yes I am sort of verging on children’s librarianship at work with running Preschool Storytime, I’m not yet ready to hang up my interest in technology.

Just yesterday, I created a twitter account for the LIANZA Wellington regional committee, Te Upoko o te Ika a Maui I’m quite happy with it, and I’m learning heaps all over again. Social technology fascinates me.

With the second time now that I’ve created a twitter account, I’ve learnt how not to do things, so am taking this cautiously and am extra conscious of the information that I put out and the image I’m trying to create for LIANZA and our committee of being relevant. I think it’s working. Already I’ve been retweeted, and I have 12 followers, 11 of which aren’t me.

I have to say, you learn more in a day of interacting and engaging in conversations on Twitter, than you do .. uhh not interacting and engaging in conversations on Twitter.

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