Developing technologies and the iPad

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So it’s been a week or more since my last post – my apologies to all my dedicated readers. I know you’re out there – I do have stats 🙂

Anyway, just had a thought on the technologies that are out there and why some institutions may not yet or not ever implement them (though it really secretly is beyond me why more “developing technologies” haven’t been implemented thus far in some…). Libraries serve their communities. If your community isn’t using a technology, then your local library isn’t going to invest time and resources into incorporating it into their existing services.

But you can never have majority-rules communities can you? Minorities need to have their voice heard too. And maybe that’s where digital realms should come into play. Digital freaks in some cases (if they aren’t the majority) are the minority and as such, have just as much right to any other sector of the community to have their needs listened to and met.

Anyway, the iPad… it serves a new user, a new community, a community you may not know exists. Just to let you know, it does and they do exist. An increasingly digitally expectant user community, of which I am not a part of, nor do I serve I believe. It would be interesting to be serving that user community from the libraries perspective I believe. I don’t think many libraries in New Zealand have a user community where an iPad is going to be the norm. I just don’t see it.  Anyone else see it?

I can’t quite remember when I wrote this, but I believe it was on the 8th of April. Wonder what date this is going to show…

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