Information Anxiety and Web two-point-oh

The pressure to remain relevant in an society where everyone and everthing competes for your time and attention is overwhelming at times. If you’re a person who suffers from bouts of depression and anxiety and you’re a female who’s susceptible to the occasional PMS or PMT, then this won’t be news to you. Already, the overwhelming and all-encompasing nature of web2.0 has me in it’s grips.

Lately, the term 2.0 has made me increasingly uncomfortable. Perhaps even just in the last hour or two. It’s got to a point where if I’m surrounded by talk of it, I want to physically curl up into a ball and hide for a wee while to get over the anxiety of being surrounded by this huge thing that you can’t get away from. Interestingly, this is somewhat similar to the physiological nature of an anxiety attack. The feeling that the world is out to get you and it’s all just about to crash on top of you. It’s a really scary feeling, I can tell you now.

How I can justify that the term web2.0 caught in the same sentence as the word library, prompts such a reaction, is in referring to articles and sharing my real experiences.

I am currently in the process of writing a proposal for social media use by the library for management at my workplace, including incorporating a trial of a twitter account into the libraries services. I haven’t even written the full proposal yet. I’m still in the groundwork, writing it up, fleshing our ideas out stage, but I’m finding myself flipping between the full spectrum of the web2.0 in libraries debate. Is it even a debate??

On the one hand I remain positive in the face of doubt and challenges.
On the other hand, I take the doubts, cynacism, pessimism, and overall negative energy to heart.

Maybe it’s because I’m female and I tend to let my emotions rule me. But I have often thought that I have an larger than normal amount of testosterone in my chemical makeup which makes me tend to hang out with the boys, and ahere to the ”harden up” school of thought more often than not. My cat’s veterinarian recently complemented me on this way of thinking towards my cat’s new [smaller] dietary requirements.
Anyway, back to the point – negative thinking gets me down. What can I do about this?

In regards to music, one of my all-time favourite auditory past-times, I am currently listening to

”I shall believe” by Sheryl Crow

I don’t know what I’d do without inspirational music and lyrics, and thus, quotes.


Am still pondering what to do about negative thinking around me. I say, just walk away. Then you’re away from it at least, if it’s coming from someone else. If not, then… drugs perhaps? Yup, drugs. And the power of positive thought, and a cat lying next to you 🙂

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