Inaugural post

Kia ora koutou

This is my new blog for I have added this because I am currently undertaking a paper (for the third time) with the Open Polytechinc of New Zealand and it requires us to keep a learning journal of our thoughts throughout the paper. We have the option of either writing a text version, documenting our thoughts and sending it in, or keeping a blog.
I’ve decided to do the latter.

If using a blog goes well for me, this may just be a permanent placement within library.geek.

One week in to this paper – 72370 Information Issues – and I haven’t documented how I’m feeling about anything yet. I have spent my time trying to get motivated to read a full article, and figuring out, technically, how I’m going to do this learning journal as a blog but keep the content within library.geek. I think I’ve found it. On with the reading and digesting!!

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