Going (changing) with the flow

I used to be very interested in managing course reserves, though the work I was doing uhhh at work. I can see now, that loaning a physical item for a restricted period of time has a death notice written on it. It was just a couple of years ago though that I was quite interested in this. I can see the future in reserve collections, and it doesn’t involve physical items a lot. Funny how much my professional interests have changed in just a couple of years

Digital is where it’s at.

Just this morning I listened to Kim Clayton of Wellington City Libraries talk about the public not knowing that we at public libraries also can give you access to a myriad of databases, on top of that work of fiction and that Jamie Oliver cookbook.

Perceptions of public libraries and those that work in them are funny.

“Ohh so I can issue this book to myself? Wow. This must be putting you out of a job…”

No no. It just frees us up to do more intelligent things.

Heehee hee.

Oh, and, so long Library Life. It’s been nice knowing you.

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