Definition of a weblog

When is a list of my thoughts on a website, not a blog? When it’s in weblog format – i.e. date, title, thought. Hrmm, ok.. so this is a blog.

Since I’ve been showing my site to a few friends, letting them know that yay I made it all myself handtyped xhtml and css blah blah blah, I’ve found a flaw in something I clearly state that I’m not doing. In the about site section on the about page, I say “This is not a blog”. Funnily enough, I don’t really back that up or clarify that in any way at all. I was informed the other day that my site is actually a blog, or a weblog, as it logs my thoughts.

Here’s a good definition of weblogs from someone that sounded authorative and had the links in all the right places for clarification and authority, has prepared for us beforehand. The writer of this, Rebecca, wrote this in 2000, a substantial amount of time ago. She has some relevant perspectives on the difference in style of weblogs and how that has evolved over time with the introduction of blogging software (blogger).

So.. library.geek is a weblog. And I’m ok with that. 🙂

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