Ho ho ho but more about Google

My my this year has flown by. I started this site over a year ago and look how much I’ve done with it! (Not much really). To compare, have you heard of Digitalnz? I am just, (as in, now at the moment of writing this) rediscovering the joys of having your own personal laptop, that feels like a digital extension of me. Everything on here is tailored to me, it’s like my digital home. That sounds bad…

And along with rediscovering the joys of my laptop (having tweetdeck back, using PC keyboard shortcuts again as opposed to macs, shortcuts, bookmarks) I have found that I really need to touch base on google, and their all encompassing dominance in the social software, aggregator market.

Something has to be said for a company that has an answer for everything. Everyone has something to say about google. Whether good or bad. I just want people to know that google isn’t the only search engine out there maan! Try ask.com, sounds nice and simple doesn’t it? Or bing.com, sounds catchy ay? That one automatically comes up in IE I think. Or dogpile.com. Mmmm now that one sounds fetching!

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