Sunday musings; aftermath

I made a comment on facebook recently (check my friendfeed) about a workshop that I went to yesterday. I apologise. I was directing the comment at the women that were at the workshop (about six library technicians from around Perth) and their opinion of me, as a result of my general opinions, as indicative of the library community over here.

Some opinions were favourable, some blatantly not so. The latter always seems to rise to the top of your brain and stay in your memory longer though, like cream… (to be continued later, have momentarily lost my train of thought as I’m unsuccessfully multi-tasking at the moment (when is it ever successful??)

On another note, Kathryn Greenhill’s sites (Librarians matter and are down. Wonder if it’s got something to do with the Darien Statements hoohaa that came up not too long ago. I can’t remember where I read all the ‘hoohaa’ but it surfaced in twitter library circles at the time I think and some people just thought it was all, well, hoohaa. Librarian’s getting up their own collective ass and the like. Which brings me on to my next point.

Oh my god, there are soo many differences between Australia and New Zealand in this industry! I really wish I had more than 15 minutes to talk at this ALIA libtec conference in September! hooo am I going to have a ball or what!? (ECU, I promise I won’t bag you).

(Man am I sick of writing a href=” http blah blah blah, must get wordpress going or something!). Ok. rant over. xox

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